Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why do you think people leave Western Nebraska?

The age old question, Why do you think people leave gorgeous, friendly Western Nebraska? I've been sitting here researching population trends for the communities involved with the High Plains Compass and then looking at state populations as a whole. Our neighboring states have a lead on us, let me say that.

Nebraska has roughly 1.8 million people in the state; Kansas has about 2.8 million, Colorado 4.9 million; and Wyoming actually falls behind Nebraska with a population of 532 thousand. These were statistics taken from the U.S. Census Bureau for 2008.

Thinking to myself, I wonder why. Maybe it is because we don't have much to do; no that can't be it because there is always so much going on that people are not aware of! That could be the culprit, maybe people just don't know there are things to do here. Or maybe it is the lack of diversity; but we have different authentic restaurants ranging from Chinese, to Mexican, to American, to Mongolian!

What do you think? I know people talk to people, why are people leaving?


  1. Posted by Mandy Semanko Zabler (Sept 22; 4:01pm): I think people leave becasue there isn't much to do. If you've seen the movie in already, that's out, if you want to shop at a mall or Target youhave to leave, and many of our favorite restaurants are not here. And if you have small kids you are very limited in you activities.

  2. Posted by Sally Harris (Sept 22; 4:17pm): I think people leave because they aren't used to finding things to do. They came from cities where there were multiple things to do. Being from here, we always had to find stuff to do. We are used to driving to Denver and such. ;0)